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There is no sea or river in Dijon but water is very present there ...

You will discover it with this bucolic circuit, soothing, fresh and invigorating!


11.5 km

2 hours approximately with downtime and according to your pace

All levels


A circuit that will take you and your guide to:


Cross the Arquebuse garden along the Raines , a small stream, admiring the Rose Garden and the arboretum , the natural history museums and the planetarium.

Follow the Ouche, river lined with alders , to the famous Lac Kir dam .

Take a tour of this lake created by the Canon who gave his name to one of the Dijon specialties.

Salute the statues of the "grenadier" from the Alma bridge in Paris and the monument to the memory of Félix Kir.

Along the Burgundy Canal and its locks.

Go around the marina.

Slalom between the ducks and try to spot herons on the bird island .

Find the Cancale Barge to come back for an aperitif concert (and drink a Kir?)

Discover the International City of Gastronomy and Wine under construction.


We provide (per person):

1/2 liter of water

1 cereal bar and 1 fruit

1 croissant on arrival




A Trail version allowing an aerial view of Lake Kir is available:

19 km and 500 m of elevation gain approximately.

With stops it takes an average of 3 to 4 hours depending on the level of participants.

Please note the required trail running level is "experienced".

Price on request.


The International City of Gastronomy and Wine of Dijon

In 2010, Unesco inscribed the gastronomic meal of the French in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Recognition of a millennial tradition: recipes, good products, the accompaniment of the ideal wine, conviviality ...

In 2015, UNESCO this time included the Climats of the Burgundy vineyard on the World Heritage list by also integrating the 100 hectares of the protected sector of Dijon.

In order to allow international tourists to discover this wealth and the French to appropriate it, Dijon was chosen to be a driving force for the promotion of wine and "eating well". As such, the International City of Gastronomy and Wine is about to emerge from the earth by 2021.

In the meantime, we can run around ...


Our tours are personalized and the rates vary according to the size of your group.

45 €

1 person

(Price / person)

35 €

2 persons

(Price / person)

32 €

3 people

Price / person)

29 €

4 people

(Price / person)

26 €

5 people

(Price / person)

99 €


2 adults
and children (under 18)

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