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An overview of Guillaume's most recent races

Adventure course only:

In October 2019 a Diagonal between the 2 most distant cities of metropolitan France by connecting Porspoder (Finistère) and Menton (Alpes Maritimes) in total autonomy and without pre-established itinerary.

Or 1496km in 25 non-stop days with an average of 60km per day and more than 200 hours of effort.

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Trails, ultra-trails:

2nd of the 2018 Volcanoes trail (142km and 4700m D + in 4:11 p.m.).

2nd of the Lapone 2018 trail (66km and 2850m D +).

21st Ultra XT01 2018 (164km and 5350m D + in 24h14).

1st in Hell of Dawn 2017 in duet (180km in 24h09).

2nd in GRS (Grand Raid Stevenson) 2015, i.e. 228km and 8500m of D + in 30h33 'and 5th in GRS 2016.

6th at the Côte d'Or Challenge Hors Stade 2017 after the 10 benchmark races.


But also :

3 participations in the Marathon Des Sables 2009, 2010 and 2014 (250km in the southern Saharan Moroccan desert in food self-sufficiency) including 2 Top 100

Best ranking: 68th in 31h45 in 2014 (with 1300 participants from 45 countries)

Finisher of the Diagonale des Fous 2018 in Reunion (165km 10,000 of D + and and D-)

2 Ultra-Marin du Golfe du Morbihan (181km in 22:09 or more than 8 km / h)

9th of the Ultra Trail of Côte d'Or in 2013 and 12th in 2016 (105km and 3500m of D +)

Finisher of other long formats including the SaintéLyon, the Endurance Trail des Templiers, the Ultra 6000D, the Alésia Trail… As well as dozens of different trails.


Participation in many Marathons: Paris, Mont Saint Michel, Nice, Annecy, Lyon, Grands Crus, Charolais ... As well as dozens of half-marathons and a few hourly races.

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