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A new activity which reconciles sport and environment with useful current


7-8 km approximately

1h30 approximately with downtime

All levels


Contraction of the Swedish verb "Plocka upp" which means pick up and "jog" the plogging simply to pick up the waste stream. This is a sport that does good to our Earth!


Developed in Scandinavia for a long time, it quickly spread to the main international cities. In Dijon we are pioneers.


The principle :

The variable route is approximately 10 kilometers. We only pick up small trash found on our way (plastic packaging, cans, butts, cigarette packs ...). Intransportable waste is then reported to the road cleaning services for collection.


Beware the primary purpose of plogging is not a waste hunt by running BUT to run and pick up those who come our way ... The chosen routes are for the views and / or the sporting requirement.


Bending down to collect waste, combined with running, is a sports session that works the whole body:

- Split training (race / stop).

- The induced flexions (cracks) to pick up the detritus play on muscle building (especially loops).

- The carrying of the bag which fills works the arms, the shoulders and the back.


The activity can be practiced in the city as in the countryside even if plogging has developed in an urban environment. The logic is relentless: by their origin, trash is located in the vast majority in cities because it is where people are ... The waste follows man as the shadow of his presence: garbage are traces of his life and activities. Food waste, unnecessary containers or packaging are on the 1st line.

Even if urban areas are more likely to find waste, it is still possible to clean the banks of a river or a river, the edges of a lake or pond, paths, forests. Remote places where mini wild dumps develop.


Several routes possible between town and green spaces. Please contact us to find out your preferences.


We provide (per person):

1 pair of gloves

1 strap bag per participant

1/2 liter of water

1 cereal bar and 1 fruit

1 croissant on arrival







39 €

1 person

(Price / person)


2 persons

(Price / person)

28 €

3 people

Price / person)

26 €

4 people

(Price / person)

24 €

5 people

(Price / person)

69 €


2 adults
and children (under 18)

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