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Are you taking your first steps in running?

Do you want to progress?

Do you have a race goal?


We offer full and local support


Because each person has their own characteristics, their own motivations, their own ambition, their preparation must be adapted and personalized.

This is why we refuse to offer just a training plan with remote monitoring ... Our role as sports coach is to help you find the will to deepen and persevere in the practice of running until you reach your goal. Our coaching sessions are therefore individualized with sometimes a stimulating group session.


From the first contact we will discuss your constraints and wishes in order to prepare the first sessions. We can quickly set one or more coherent goals to keep the motivation necessary to go to the end.

After a few tests, over the sessions, we will boost your self-confidence and your progress by working on several axes, the content of the sessions may vary according to your profile and your objective:




                       Alternating walking / jogging

                       Fundamental endurance

                       VMA (Maximum Aerobic Speed)

                       Farlek (alternating gaits)



The practice area can vary: track, road, path, forest ... with elevation sometimes depending on the final objective.


                    Muscle building


It is an axis that we favor. Set aside by many, it is nevertheless essential to the runner in his progress.

Our sessions will always include general physical preparation (PPG) and specific physical preparation (PPS).


PPG in the program:

                       Strengthening of the abdominal belt (abs, back)

                       Simple bodybuilding work (squat, chair ...)

                       Circuit training…


The objective of the PPG is to strengthen the muscular, articular and tendon system of the runner in order to better support the more intensive and more specific forms of work and to avoid injuries. PPG is for all muscle groups (upper and lower body).


PPS in the program:


                      Educational workshops (with / without equipment): knee-highs, leaping strides, buttocks heels, scissors ...

                      Ascent and descent of steps (normal, bell-foot, feet joined, legs stretched, minimum contact foot on the ground ...

                      Rib work

                      All terrain circuits


The objective of the PPS is to make the stride of the runner more efficient. The exercises relate to running technique and can be very varied.


Our skills will allow us to select the exercises best suited to your morphology and thus exploit your qualities by working on your weaknesses. Always for the sake of your health.


We can also provide you with information on nutrition, recovery, and our racing experience that could help you succeed in yours!


The duration of a session is 2 hours. Our support can also be done on D-Day as a pace leader or logistical aid (terms to be discussed depending on the location)


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59 €

Coaching session

running / trail running

(Price / person)

245 €

5 sessions package

running / trail coaching

(Price / person)

420 €

10 sessions package

running / trail coaching

Price / person)

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