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Palais des Ducs et des Etats de bourgogne
Place du Bareuzai ou François Rude
Porte Guillaume Place Darcy


Dijon, a city with an exceptional historical heritage, the center of which is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, is also a modern metropolis. Your guide will make you discover the emblematic historic places of the city but not only ... Visit possible at sunrise or when night falls and the lights come on.


About 8 km

1h45 approximately with downtime and according to your pace

All levels


The buildings or places that you will see, among others:


The Darcy Garden and the reproduction of the Pompon bear; the Hôtel de la Cloche and the Porte Guillaume; the Hôtel des Postes and the Art Nouveau pagodas building by Louis Perreau; the Maille boutique; the half-timbered house with 3 faces; the herbalist pharmacy of the White Cross; the central halls; the Bareuzai; the mansions on rue des Forges; the Notre Dame church and its Gargoyles, its Jacquemart and its owl; the Maison Millière and the Hôtel de Voguë; the Mustard Fallot boutique; the half-timbered houses on rue Verrerie and the 3 Pignon house; the MUR and the Saint Nicolas tower; Place de la République; the house of the Cariatides; the Saint-Michel church, the theater of Dijon and the Nave; the Place des Ducs; Beaux-arts museum ; the Palace of the Dukes and States of Burgundy, the Philippe Le Bon Tower and the Cour de Flore; Liberation Square; the medieval streets Verrerie and Amiral Roussin; courthouse ; the Museum of Sacred Art and the Museum of Burgundy Life; Place Emile Zola; the Saint-Jean Theater; the Mulot and PetitJean boutique and the house without a roof; the Chapeau Rouge restaurant; the church of Saint Philibert; Saint-Benigne Cathedral and the Archaeological Museum; the Arquebus garden with natural history museums and the planetarium; The International City of Gastronomy and Wine; Dijon train station ... The list is not exhaustive!


Do you want to see a particular place or neighborhood? Say it before leaving, your guide will adapt to your desires.


We provide (per person):

1/2 liter of water

1 cereal bar or 1 fruit

1 croissant on arrival





En option du tour "Centre historique de Dijon" vous avez la possibilité d'opter pour une option séance de CRYOTHERAPIE avec notre partenaire




Our tours are personalized and the rates vary according to the size of your group.

39 €

1 person

(Price / person)

32 €

2 persons

(Price / person)

30 €

3 people

Price / person)

28 €

4 people

(Price / person)

26 €

5 people

(Price / person)

89 €


2 adults +
children (under 18)

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