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Randonnées avec Thibaut Dijon Running Tour


If Dijon is the city of 100 steeples, its nearby countryside is rich in trails suitable for hiking.

We offer 2 half day or full day tours.


Our hikes are personalized and the prices vary according to the size of your group. Please contact us in order to obtain a quote via our contact form

Our hiking map is very extensive. Contact us so that we can study together what will best suit what you are looking for (elevation gain; vineyard landscapes; crossing villages; historic sites; limestone plateaus ...)


As part of our hikes, we can organize a catering service with our partners in 3 forms:

Picnic basket

Barbecue party

Meal in inn



Circuit of the Annuities

22 km

Full day

Around 8h with downtime

Difficulty: difficult


The departure is from the church of Flavignerot located 12 km south-west of Dijon.

Lovers of terrain will be delighted by this loop which allows you to discover the wild landscapes of western Dijon, dominated by Mount Africa at an altitude of 600m.


Magnificent panoramas along pretty forest trails

Among other things, you will see paths and undergrowth

Your guide This circuit connects the different rents (isolated farms) of West Dijonnais.


We will take part of the GR7 (It starts at the Ballon d'Alsace ( Massif des Vosges ) and ends at Andorra la Vella (1,409 m) in the eastern Pyrenees)


Mount Africa and its exceptional pa norama in the Southeast: in good weather you can see the Jura in the East, Mont Blanc in the Southeast, 200km away ;

The New Rent ;

La Rente de Chamerey : associative refuge which would have its origins in the Gallo Roman era;

The Rent of Ecotois ;

The Rent of Leuzeu ;

The village of Clémencey;


Devil's door trail circuit

11 km

Half day

Around 4h with downtime

Difficulty: easy


The departure is located in the Dijon agglomeration in the heart of the village of Plombières-lès-Dijon easy to access.

Direction of the Priory of Bonvaux then return by the valley of Champmorron, to discover the door of the Devil and its legends.

Different forest paths will allow us to reach the farm of Perugia.

It is by taking part of the GR2 (which starts here in Dijon, at square DARCY and extends for 858 kilometers to Le Havre) that we reach the culmination of the hike which will offer you a wide panorama over the valley of Ouche and on our capital of the Dukes of Burgundy.

Good to know before committing;)


The door of the Devil (or door of the white lady) is supposed to be evil, various and varied legends have spread: if one passes in front of the car, the engine stops, appearance of the white lady or the devil, disappearance of visitors ....


Legend has it that if the visitor enters by a door and leaves by the same (and not by the other), misfortune falls on him ...



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